Our Vinter Mead, Single Bottle (Glass)


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Vinter – Off-dry blend of spiced meads – Selected Best Swedish Landscape Beverage

This vinous dining drink is composed for the winter season. Compared to many other meads and mulled wines that aim to mesh well with cold weather, this one is not so sweet that it won’t go well with food. Heather honey nuances in balance with the citrus fresh, spicy tastes of bitter orange, pine sprouts, meadowsweet and wild rosemary make a good pairing to herring, ham and all manners of christmas delicacies. Try also heating it up with a little extra honey and some cloves as a different kind of gluhwein. Vinter was chosen Best Landscape Food of Sweden 2013 with the motivation: elegant, delicious and refreshingly innovative and unique.

• Number of bottles: 1
• Full bottle: 750 ml
• Alcohol content by volume: 12,5%

• Ingredients: Water, Honey,  Lingonberries, Bitter orange peel, Pine shoots, Meadowsweet, Wild Rosemary and Yeast.


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