SuttungR Brew, Single bottle (Ceramic)



A rustic lingonberry mead with pine shoots and heather honey with a rich taste of Viking Age Sweden.

Archaeological findings reveal that mead with honey and lingonberry was brewed in Scandinavia alreadyduring the Bronze Age. Inspired by this ancient mead, the Suttungr Brew uses only naturally obtained Swedish ingredients from carefully selected sources. The pine shoots and the rich heather honey mixed lingonberries results in a mead with a rustic feel of Viking Age Sweden. The Suttungr Brew fits perfectly with rich and tasty food and it can be enjoyed both cold and room tempered.

• Number of bottles: 1
• Full bottle: 750 ml
• Alcohol content by volume: 13%
• Ingredients: Honey (part heather), Lingonberry, Pine Shoot, Water and Yeast.

 In Norse mythology it was Kvasir’s blood that was mixed with honey in the creation of the divine Mead of Poetry, also known as the Suttungr Brew.

Grimfrost is a Swedish Company dedicated to making and selling authentic Viking products. Grimfrost’s Mead has been developed together with Mjödhamnen. With it, we would like to invite you on a journey back to a time when mead was considered to originate from the gods.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 x 12 x 12 cm