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Mjödhamnen intar Odinsborg (July 20-29, 2018) is a festival in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden, arranged by Mjödhamnen, the meadery behind the Grimfrost meads. It’s a celebration primarily of mead, but also of other local beverages, honey, history and craftsmanship. It’s the first festival in Sweden to focus primarily on mead.

About the location: Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) is the most ancient known place for central governing in Sweden and kept on being so throughout the Viking era.  Here lies the impressive royal mounds, which are shrouded in mystery since they predate written records. It is generally believed they are graves of ancient kings, but according to legend the three gods Thor, Odin and Freyr rest here.

Odinsborg: is a tavern which was built in the middle of the 19th century. During this era Viking heritage was highly romanticized and drinking mead at the tavern or ontop the royal mounds became a fashion. Odinsborg has since then been open and continued to serve mead up until today. The quality of commercially sold mead, however, has in general been horrible throughout the 20th century in Scandinavia and Odinsborg was no exception. But with Mjödhamnen now in control of the mead served here, we hope to once again bring back mead to the height of fashion as a wonderful delicacy as it was seen in ancient times.


About mead: In case you’re new to mead, which many still are, you should know that mead is fermented honey. Honeywine is a common way to describe it. And a basic mead is made only from honey and water. It can be completely dry, and sometimes crisp like a white wine or super sweet like a dessert wine or anything in between. On the whole it’s  softer and more flowery when compared to wine and caresses your mouth in a gentle manner. In ancient times mead and medicine was one and the same word.

There are however a myriad of variations of mead, which include all manner of ingredients. Most commonly hints of fruits, berries or spices, but sometimes the water can completely be replaced by something like birch sap or bilberry juice. There’s also the possibility to create a mix of a beer and a mead, known as a braggot which is a drink made from both malt and honey. Basically the possibilities are endless and that’s even without going into the endless variations of honey itself, which often are further pronounced in a mead.

The festival: During the festival Mjödhamnen wish to show visitors the wonders of mead. Our mobile fermentation facility, situated in a yellow bus will be on site and actively fermenting mead. We will be serving a selection of 20-30 meads  and braggots from our assortment, both our own and imported ones from Poland, Denmark, USA and UK. We will even invite some of our fellow meadmakers in Sweden. We will also be inviting some of the most inventive of the local beer crafters and also some spirit makers, to make certain there’s something for absolutely everyone to be had.  In order to taste or have a full glass of something, visitors will buy tickets costing 30 SEK for a taste or 90 SEK for a full serving, which when can then be used at any of the many bars that will be setup outside Odinsborg.  Honey of all kinds found both in Sweden and other places in Northern Europe, will of course be on sale. We hope to also lure some craftsmen who sell historic crafts and other  related items. Food will of course be served cooked on a grill outside, and there will be lots of places to sit down, both outside Odinsborg and inside. The menu will be announced once it’s fully decided upon. Items on sale such as honey and crafts, will be sold primarily during daytime (Market with Honey & Crafts), while alcohol (Festival of drinks) will be served primarily in the evening.

During Fridays and Saturdays we also aim to have some entertainment in the form of singing and performing, set on a stage just next to the serving area. During the weeks the stage may be used for other purposes such as common tastings or informative lectures, related to mead, other drinks, honey, beekeeping, history or maybe something entierly different. A more detailed schedule for what will happen on stage will be released closer to the event.



Friday 20 Juli

Market with Honey & Crafts 11-17

Festival of drinks with entertainment 15-23

Saturday 21 Juli

Market with Honey & Crafts 11-17

Festival of drinks with entertainment 15-23

Sunday 22 Juli

Market with Honey & Crafts 11-17

Festival of drinks 15-21

Monday 23 Juli


Festival of drinks 15-20

Tuesday 24 Juli


Festival of drinks 15-20

Wednesday 25 Juli


Festival of drinks 15-20

Thursday 26 Juli


Festival of drinks 15-20

Friday 27 Juli


Festival of drinks with entertainment 15-21

Saturday 28 Juli

Festival of drinks with entertainment 15-23

Sunday 29 Juli

Festival of drinks 15-20


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